DevOps (development + operations) is a crucial process and a wave of change in and beyond the scope of IT industry. People from this industry are aware of it and soon enough due to its rapid and transformational qualities it is going beyond its arena and influencing other industries as well.

Many experts have anticipated that DevOps will soon become a mandatory aspect of the operations of almost all organizations, whether in or beyond the IT industry. DevOps is not limited to technological aspects but its core concepts are focused on continuous delivery to the end user and increasing efficiency and value for the company and its consumers in the short and long run. This makes it an inevitable leverage in the new foundations of customer-focused marketplace.

In today’s unpredictable times the best way to ensure long-term success is to invest in yourself. So, how to invest in yourself? That’s easy. Focus on developing your skills!

Your skills should fill the gap in your career and in more macro terms the marketplace for the present as well as the future.

So, should I go for DevOps?

The answer is yes, absolutely you should definitely go for DevOps whether you belong to the IT industry or not. Knowledge is always useful!

It is recommended that you must have skills from different areas rather than just focused on one area because quickly even fields of opposite nature are mingling to give rise to better and innovative solutions. So why not your skills?

4 Easy Steps for DevOps Certification

4 Easy Steps for DevOps Certification

Best Certifications to learn DevOps

1. Certified DevOps Foundation by DevOps University

This course is perfect if you are a newbie or wish to enter this field. It is designed by experts to lay the solid foundation of the core concepts and understanding of DevOps. The prime focus of this certification is to get you acquainted with the basics of DevOps so you are confident to take it further.

1.	Certified DevOps Foundation by DevOps University

All certifications from DevOps University are recognized globally. It is one of the most popular learning platforms providing practical, theoretical and experiential knowledge in DevOps

Note: The exam and classes are conducted online. So you have the benefit of upgrading your resume in the comfort of your home.

2. Certified DevOps Professional by DevOps University

The name of this certification gives you enough idea about the knowledge it provides. To confidently stand as a skilled professional in the field of DevOps, providing valuable ideas, collaborating with teams, making a difference in your organization then this certification is right for you.

2.	Certified DevOps Professional by DevOps University

This certification will give you professional leverage that will enhance your career goals and carve a determined path for your progress.

Note: The exam and classes are conducted online. So you have the benefit of upgrading your resume in the comfort of your home.
While there are different branches in DevOps, the above two certificates ensure to provide you wholesome knowledge with practical, real-life examples to help you use your knowledge wisely in the real world.

3. Docker Certified Associate

This certification program is focused for Docker practitioners with some level of experience regarding Docker, the DevOps tool. Like other DevOps certifications, the aim of this exam is to provide a valid credential to the Docker practitioners. It for developing and practicing skills and provides necessary experience to start.
It provides recognition of the Docker skills with official Docker credential. You can use the Docker Certified Associate logo and Digital certificate. You have the benefit of online verification of Docker Certified status by the potential employers

4. Kubernetes Certification

This certification is the collaboration of The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux foundation which have created this program to validate professionals working on this software. Kubernetes is one of the top DevOps tools and thus Kubernetes certifications are among the most demanded DevOps certifications.

There are two certification options: The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) programs.

5. Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible

Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible is designed for Windows Server professionals without previous Ansible® experience. You will use Ansible to write automation playbooks for Microsoft Windows systems to perform common system administration tasks reproducibly at scale. You will also learn to use Red Hat® Ansible Tower to securely manage and run your Ansible playbooks from a central web-based user interface.

You would configure Microsoft Windows systems to be managed with Ansible, create and manage inventories of managed hosts and provide credentials to manage them to Red Hat Ansible Tower and write Ansible playbooks to consistently automate multiple tasks and apply them to managed hosts and much more.

What option is best for me?

There are so many different organizations and institutes offering various options to know and learn about DevOps and it can often get confusing to know about your needs and the significant outcome of your acquired knowledge. When choosing, make sure you opt for authentic institutes offering genuine knowledge that enable you further.

If you are confused where to start, a free webinar will help you to know more about this field and provide clarity on your next steps. Enroll today for DevOps for all webinar.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist you!