We are living in digital era and today’s digital world is changing with a fast pace. The dynamic requirements from customers makes this world more competitive and challenging.

Now, the real ask is that –

Are we really preparing our students to compete in this imperative market of DevOps?

Are our academic courses customized enough to meet this need?

Do we really observe a knowledge gap here?

If yes, what should be our next step?

DevOpsUniversity.org strongly believes that the students who want to compete in the imperative market of DevOps and Digital world, must have aim skills and expertise on tools so that they will not only be able to crack the on campus placements but should also join an organization as a valued employee.

DevOpsUniversity.org and our community of training partners are continuously working on the latest technologies and understands the demand of IT world,  the courses are compiled in a way so that your students should not only understand the DevOps landscape but they should be able to understand to tools and processes around it.

DevOpsUniversity.org and our community of training partners are pleased to work with Colleges and Universities to assess student’s skills and conducts on/off campus workshops, boot camps and practical trainings to prepare their students for DevOps jobs.

DevOpsUniversity.org advice universities and colleges to build their curriculum to meet the emerging need of DevOps world.