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Among these tools are our mock exams, these exams or assessments provides you the impression of the actual DevOps Certification exams. There is no fee for these assessments and these will allow you to evaluate your understanding of DevOps. The assessment results will guide you around your areas where you to need to learn or focus more.

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 FREE test and can be attempted multiple times.

 20 Minutes

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 FREE test and can be attempted multiple times.

 20 Minutes

 20 Multiple Choice Questions

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Which of these tools is not associated with DevOps?

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What do you achieve by adopting DevOps?

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Which command is used to initialize a new Git repository?

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What is a major reason for the conflict between development and operations teams?

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Facter is the Global variables in which configuration management tool?

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Choose the odd man out of the following options?

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Which DevOps practice should an organization consider to improve real-time collaboration between its teams?

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Containers run on a single machine and all share the same operating system kernel, so they start instantaneously and make more efficient use of RAM.

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The adoption of DevOps is being guided by factors such as:

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Which of the following is required for Continuous Integration?

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If you want to schedule a  build every day at 6 AM, which cron expression, out of these, should be configured in Jenkins?

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Which of these is a text document that contains all the commands a user could call on the command line to assemble an image?

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What does the following Docker command do: docker push user_name/repository_name

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Which is a characteristic of a DevOps culture?

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Docker containers are based on the open standard________________________.

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Which command is used for staging code in Git?

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Why there is a typical conflict between development and operations teams in IT organizations?

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Why is a small batch size preferred for continuous DevOps deliveries?

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What is the name of a cloud-hosted service from Docker that provides registry capabilities for public and private content?

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Which of the following is not a goal of DevOps leadership?


DevOps University’s mock exams, these exams or assessments provides you the impression of the actual DevOps Certification exams. This practice exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions, our aim is to help you identify area and focus on your preparation accordingly. The DevOps mock online test will help aspirants to get easily certified as the Certified DevOps Foundation.

The DevOps mock exam questions are like the questions you will face in the real exam.

There are over 50 DevOps-related multiple-choice questions and answers that will cover all the aspects of the DevOps real exam. You can attempt multiple times to test your preparations.

This DevOps practice test has no requirements criteria. Only you need stable internet to access online exam

This free DevOps mock exam will give you an awareness of the kind of questions you will be facing in the actual exam. This preparation test will make clearing the DevOps exam quite easy but does not guarantee that you clear the exam.


Yes. You can take up the DevOps online test several times. However, to get the best practice experience, it is suggested that you attempt the test after you are well prepared.

You can practice the DevOps online test as many times as you wish. If you were not able to get through the test in your first try, you can prepare well by taking the DevOps Foundation Certification Course and attempt the exam once more.