Certified DevOps Trainer

Certification Details

DevOps Trainer Certification is the deep dive into the DevOps landscape. This certification course enables you to understand all nuances of DevOps and after completing the DevOpsUniversity.org assessment, you will become a Certified DevOps Trainer.

Certified DevOps Trainer Eligibility

  • 15 years of experience in IT industry with minimum three years of experience in Agile and DevOps implementation, consulting and transformation.
  • Must have delivered 80 hours of online/classroom trainings on DevOps
  • Must possess relevant Certified DevOps Professional certification
  • Good knowledge of English language

Certified DevOps Trainer Program Steps

The trainer assessment program consists of five easy steps –

Step 1 – Submit Certified DevOps Trainer Application Form

Step 2 – After approval on your application, prepare and submit training material for at least one Certified DevOps Courses to DevOpsUniversity.org for review

Step 3 – Deliver 40 hours of training (classroom or online) for DevOpsUniversity allied partners

Step 4 – Review & approvalfrom DevOpsUniversity.org. Pay fees $500 per annum

Step 5 – Get “Certified DevOps Trainer” certification from DevOpsUniversity.org