Cloud Computing - A Virtual World

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud traditionally depicts the internet, hence, it is also referred to as “the cloud”. In simple terms, it means saving or accessing your data and programs over the internet.Cloud computing means making computer infrastructure and services available as per need using internet. The infrastructure could include storage space, development IDE, database, computing power or complete software applications. To use these resources from the cloud vendors, organizations do not have to make any massive capital expenditures. The billing model of cloud computing is similar to the electricity bill payment we do based on our consumption at home. Nowadays, almost everything is moved to the cloud, running in the cloud, accessed from the cloud and even stored in the cloud.

So, we may wonder where exactly is this cloud located? Well, we can say, it is somewhere at the other end of your internet connection where you can store your files that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Why Organisations are moving towards Cloud?

Cloud has made a huge difference to organizations, primarily because of three reasons:
⮚ You do not have to maintain or monitor any infrastructure for the same.
⮚ It will never run out of capacity, since it is scalable and virtually infinite.
⮚ You can access your cloud based applications remotely anytime, you just need a device which can connect to the internet.

Cloud Computing Concepts

Usage of Cloud on Day to Day Basis

Now that we have an idea of what cloud is, do you know how much of our daily online activities is based on cloud? All our social media interactions are all on the cloud, anything that we store online, or buy online pay online bills, everything is on cloud!

Many services have emerged in the last decade or so that allows end-users to save/update information without paying any charges, in advance. These are typically consumer oriented services. Twitter, Wikipedia, youtube, facebook, linkedin, Google docs and blogger all are examples of cloud computing. Google and Microsoft provide development platforms that can be accessed using “pay-per-use” billing model. was one of the first few vendors to provide cloud computing services like storage space and computing resources.

Why Cloud Computing?

For any IT company, we need a Server Room as its the basic need of IT organizations.There should be a database server, mail server, networking, firewalls, routers, modem, switches, configurable system, high internet bandwidth and maintenance engineers, all should be present in the server room. In establishing such an IT infrastructure, a huge financial cost is involved.

So, to overcome all these issues and to minimize the infrastructure cost, Cloud Computing came into existence. It facilitates smaller organizations to access computing infrastructure without making any significant initial investment.

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