How to Prepare for Exam
Certified DevOps Executive Certification

Taking up your DevOps Executive Certification exam could be very easier if you know How to implement DevOps in An Organization.

As a person who don’t know where to start and where to look for what, it is very tough to find exact sum of resources for exam. But here we are talking about – How can you study for your examination and prepare yourself to take away your Certified DevOps Executive Certification.

Certifications are specifically designed in a pattern which allows a candidate to analyze exam pattern and can prepare accordingly. The pattern of the exam follows MCQ model (Multiple Choice Questions) with 70% as the passing score. Let’s deeply analyze the pattern.

FormatMCQ, True/False
No. Of questions30
Passing Percentage70%
No. Of right questions to pass the exam21 (at least)
Duration of exam45 min
Average time to attempt a question1 minute 30 sec
Mode of examOnline from anywhere
Difficulty of ExamEasy

This table give you insight about the Certification Exam as How it is going to be. You need not to worry about time and place factor as you can choose it at your ease. There is no one who can probably not answer MCQ question correctly on an average time on 1.5 minutes, if he knows the answer.

This table was just for a little bit of motivation, let’s now talk about what resources you need to study and practice to pass your Certification.


How to Prepare for Exam Devops Executive Course Pathways

People opting for certifications only can directly follow up with mock-test section and can check out the information they need to have understanding of in order to pass the certification.

Here is a checklist of all the available resources which you need to properly check out and match your skills accordingly. Follow the checklist, lead the Certification.

The Certified DevOps Executive Certification program gives a vital understanding of DevOps philosophy. It acquaints you with the main terms and concepts, and ensures you become well-versed with the language DevOps-enabled teams typically speak. The certification also highlights the benefits of DevOps and how it affects an organization’s success.

Novices will become aware of DevOps and the cultural shift that it demands. Learners will comprehend that communication, collaboration, integration, and automation are critical factors for DevOps victory.

  • Attend weekly workshops
  • Study LMS content (take quizzes)
  • Get Hands-on tools
  • Get practical knowledge by applying
  • Pay detailed attention to Video Content
  • Go for Mock tests
  • Ask doubts in training sessions
  • Read all the available materials and Understand it with clear concept

ATTEND WEEKLY WORKSHOPS: DevOps University’s workshops are led by industry professionals who are currently working as DevOps professionals in major enterprises. These workshops provide theoretical knowledge about what it takes to be a DevOps professional and how different fields can be immerged to increase productivity of company and its employees. It is important to attend these weekly sessions. The format of delivery is an interactive, virtual classroom training where the trainer is a professional and teaching the learners to be a professional as well.

STUDY LMS CONTENT: LMS is the study center where Learners can solve quizzes and get access to all the resources needed to pass the Certification. All the quizzes in LMS are carefully designed to deliver industry-oriented knowledge about DevOps which helps you immensely to understand the concepts. Here in LMS you will get access to all the recorded lectures as well.

GET HANDS-ON TOOLS: There are a lot of tools which together support the DevOps practice and each of these tools will be introduced in training but it is highly suggested to familiarize yourself with these tools for better understanding of their setup and workings. The Tutorials section especially designed for Learners’ reference. By doing this as an executive it becomes easy to detect any sort of problem in DevOps strategy caused by any tool at any part.

Hands-on Tools DevOps Professional Certification

PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE AND ITS APPLICATION: One of our core learning practice is experiential learning. This can only be achieved by applying the concepts regularly. Learners must be willing to apply the various concepts, resources and tools on every opportunity to become skilled. As an Executive One should have proper understanding of How to implement DevOps strategy effectively for better results.

Practical Knowledge DevOps Professional Certification

PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO CONTENT: Vast and detailed knowledge is provided in recorded lectures and session recordings available on LMS. This content is available 24x7 for the convenience of Learners. This allows them to study at their pace and take notes according to their study pattern.

GO FOR MOCK TESTS: Mock Tests are offered to all candidates whether opting for training or not. Mock tests help candidates with self-analysis and highlight the challenging areas.

Certified Devops Executive

ASK DOUBTS IN TRAINING SESSIONS: Our Trainers are always happy to help Learners clear any doubts. It is recommended to start clearing your doubts from the early stage to avoid feeling stuck. Our training sessions are designed in a way where you can easily raise your query in text.

Read all the available materials and understand the concepts thoroughly

Detailed study and in-depth knowledge of all concepts is crucial in DevOps. Along with DevOps University’s resources Learners are also advised to be open to self-study and research. Sharp skills depend on solid foundation of concepts.

For any doubts, inquiries or suggestions you can connect with us