Webinar on Docker with Kubernetes

Learn how Docker and Kubernetes go together and can help teams to deliver and run applications powerfully

Kubernetes has been transforming container management by continuing to impact the way companies are managing containers via software.

Containerization and orchestration are increasingly significant skills for the IT professionals. Containerization is a form of virtualization that goes beyond the traditional hypervisor-based solutions. Docker, the containerization platform, and Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform are both fundamental tools that are crucial to strenghting your career.

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Webinar on Docker with Kubernetes

23rd May |09:30AM – 11:30AM (EST)   United States

23rd May |07:00PM – 09:00PM (IST)    India

23rd May |03:30PM – 05:30PM (CET)    Europe

23rd May |11:00PM – 01:00AM (ACST)  Australia

Join this Webinar to understand:

Docker is a containerization platform that packages an application and all its dependencies in the form of a docker container. It enables platform-as-a-service products designed to solve the many challenges created by the increasing DevOps trend. Kubernetes(k8’s) is a powerful container management tool that automates the deployment and management of containers.

In the upcoming webinar, we will cover a range of practical topics and come up with your queries on containers, Docker, and Kubernetes. Join us to learn, how these technologies gel together and help you deliver and run applications easier and faster.

Join the event to:

  • Understand how and why people are using containerization technology – Docker.
  • How containers can be used in production from modernizing legacy applications to DevOps transformations.
  • Learn how Docker containers can support running multiple applications with multiple technologies.
  • Understand container Orchestration with Kubernetes.
  • Setting up and deployment of Kubernetes cluster.

Webinar on Docker with Kubernetes

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    About the Webinar

    In essence, containerization of applications has revolutioned the IT world by enabling the efficiency and portability between different platforms. Moreover, it has brought the agility to allow developers to integrate with their existing DevOps environment. Kubernetes has enabled the easier management, since install, upgrade and rollback processes are built into this platform.

    Please join this webinar to establish a deeper understanding around Docker & Kubernetes with DevOps University. You will develop an intelligence around this niche technology which has revolutionzed the industry in the recent times. You will also gain insight about the evolution of infrastructure from physical hardware to virtualization and finally towards Containerization, its magical impact on organizations and how you can accelerate your career growth through this journey.