Webinar on Jenkins Pipeline As Code

Master Class on Jenkins Pipeline as Code (JPaC)

Jenkins is World’s most popular automation Continuous Integration (CI) Server used by millions of developers which enables reliably build, test and deploy software’s.

Within DevOps there has been an adoption to “as Code” and its simply means automation. Jenkins Pipeline as Code describes a set of features that allow Jenkins users to describe Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) Pipeline job with code that can be stored and versioned in centralized source code repository e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket etc.

Enterprises are adopting Jenkins Pipeline as Code to automating their CI-CD pipelines that allows Jenkins to discover, manage, and run jobs for various source repositories and branches, eliminating the need for manual job creation and management. To build this Jenkins Pipelines as code, users can use a declarative approach using YAML or a vendor-specific language such as Groovy.

In this Master class, we are covering basics of DevOps and Continuous Integration with Jenkins and all the core concepts of creating Jenkins file for pipeline as code with our simple to multi-stage CICD Pipeline.

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This FREE Webinar hosted by DevOps University is to learn about Jenkins Pipeline As Code!! In this Webinar, we have discussed about:

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • History of Jenkins
  • CI pipeline
  • Configuring Jenkins
  • Code Coverage

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    About the Webinar

    In essence, DevOps is bringing together your software development team and operations team to work towards a common goal and have a unified vision. The assured benefits of DevOps philosophy are rapid software releases, shorter development cycles, reduced risks, quicker issue resolution, and better productivity.

    Please join this webinar to ‘dissect’ DevOps with DevOps University. You will acquire intelligence on the key enablers as well as underlying principles behind the DevOps philosophy. You will also gain insight about the evolution of DevOps, its magical impact on organizations and how you can accelerate your career growth through ‘DevOps advantage’.

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