Learn how Docker and Kubernetes go together and can help teams to deliver and run applications powerfully

Kubernetes has been transforming container management by continuing to impact the way companies are managing containers via software.

Containerization and orchestration are increasingly significant skills for the IT professionals. Containerization is a form of virtualization that goes beyond the traditional hypervisor-based solutions. Docker, the containerization platform, and Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform are both fundamental tools that are crucial to strenghting your career.

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Webinar on Decoding DevOps

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Learn the ‘DevOps’ concept with DevOps in action. The webinar includes CICD pipeline - CI, CD, CIT; The key enablers; Key aspects/Principles of DevOps; DevSecOps / DevChatOps and much more

Docker Overview by DevLabs Alliance - 2nd May 2019

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Overview of Docker, Introduction to Docker - What is docker? Docker Setup, Introduction to Docker Components, Docker Images, How to build & where to find Container Management, Docker Services, Docker Compose / Stack, Docker Swarm

Learn All About Docker Containerization DevLabsAlliance

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This Webinar is part of monthly series on cutting edge technologies Docker Containers, it cover: What is Docker? What is Container? What is Docker Image? How to create own Docker Image? Docker Networking? Live Working Example etc.

Configuration Management with Puppet

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DevOps Configuration Management tool.
Learn step by step process on Configuration Management with Puppet.