DevOps movement has been operational since 2007 and 2008, but the limelight it is enjoying presently is remarkable. Companies are increasingly looking for resources with DevOps certifications, it is expected that 80% of Global Fortune organizations are expected to adopt DevOps by 2019, people with DevOps expertise are being offered on a high pay scale.

Why is that a simple search with the keyword “DevOps” on Google returns with millions of search queries? Let us have a look!

What is DevOps?

DevOps refers to the cross department integration between Development, the department within an organization that creates code, and Operations, the business unit within an organization that uses and deploys code. DevOps is an organizational movement or in other words, it is a standalone culture and a specifically defined philosophy that seeks to integrate the agile relationship between enterprise software development and the resulting IT operations.  The word is a clipped compound of Development and Operations and its goal is to change and channelize enterprise software development by promoting and redefining better communication and collaboration between these two vital business units.  It brings strategic shifts in processes, mindsets, culture, and collaboration, and comes with a host of beneficial business outcomes, namely faster time to market products, quicker deployment, stable operating environment, channelized collaboration and trust, increased release velocity, improved defect detection etc.

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in the DevOps world.

Why DevOps is needed? And how really it brings measurable business benefits within an enterprise?

Lack of channelized relationship between development and operations unit within an organization under the traditional software development ecosystem was populated with a set of issues. Absence of smooth transition between development and production, lack of channelizing efforts to seamlessly cater to theevolving demand of the development team, need for effective collaboration between the two business units etc meant that not only a revolution in work process was required, a smart and simple system that strategically addresses the challenges of development and operations and brings them under one collaborative system was essential. DevOps was thus born, unifying the two otherwise different units under one umbrella and significantly improving business outcomes.

Why industry is adapting DevOps so quickly? Why organizations need people with DevOps expertise?

Professional and IT prospects with DevOps expertise brings on the table a set of extremely important strategic skills that propel organizational culture. DevOps brings many benefits to an organization, including a few mentioned below –

  • Quicker development cycles
  • Faster innovation
  • Low deployment failures, rollbacks and time to recover
  • Effective communication and collaboration
  • Kind of remarkable efficiencies
  • Reduced costs



DevOps culture enables you to achieve Agility to meet dynamic expectations of customers. The demand of DevOps professionals in the current IT marketplace has increased exponentially over the years.

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