What is DevSecOps

DevSecOps is the short name for Development, Security and Operations. The organizations which were using DevOps as their framework have included security as well to provide a secure working environment to their clients and customer.

The objective to include this modernized framework into their work culture is to implement security decisions and actions at the same scale and speed as development and operations decisions and actions. It means building security in app development from end to end.

It was noticed earlier that when the applications were developed the security was developed and integrated at every stage of the app and infrastructure life cycle.
DevSecOps framework that uses DevSecOps tools ensures security is built into applications rather than built while the development phase.

Why Do We Need DevSecOps?

The DevSecOps is needed in this modern era because each organizations needs the strict security measures while developing any application. Because while running the code, a single loop hole can work as a source to the viruses and it can breach the privacy of the organization and provides an easy platform to all the hackers to just crack all the privacy of that organization. And DevSecOps made it easy for all the developers to run and integrate a security code while developing any application, so that no one can break through the loops of the code and cannot breach the privacy of any company. DevSecOps is basically the integration of IT services with security and it is much helpful to run a secure code.

How It Works?

There are ways which we need to consider while including DevSecOps as a framework in our work Environment.

  • Do a proper planning while introducing this procedure in your organizations. Security, performance and threat models should be taken into consideration.
  • Develop a code which do not have any loop holes into it that means to include a security code while developing the code for any application.
  • There are DevSecOps tools which includes the compilation tools to compile the code and use them to conduct test driven development. Also, to ensure that best
    security practices are getting implemented.
  • Then testing is done. Test automation security practice should include following parameters:
    • Unit testing
    • Front end testing
    • Back end testing
    • API testing
    • Database testing
  • By automation, security measures are identified and after taking all the security measures the app is deployed in the environment. Using an infrastructure as
    code tool, one can audit properties across the IT infrastructure and enforce secure configurations in a system.

This is how the DevSecOps framework is deployed in any IT company for the secure development of application and to run a secure code in the machine.

Career In DevSecOps

As we know that now a days the cases of security breach is happening all over the world, so companies want a way so that there data as well as their client’s data should be handled safely and with complete security. There are hackers who find a loop in the code that is used to run for developing any application.

IT companies need more secure environment to develop the environment for working securely without any leakage of their information. DevSecOps is a way of integrating code with the security compliances. So there is a vast future in this field because the priority of any organization is their customer’s data security. There are many famous companies that are using DevSecOps framework for example: Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other IT outsourcing companies that develop a platform for their client’s information and data to save them from any leakage.

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