What Programming Languages are used by a DevOps Engineer

One of the most crucial skills well-equipped by a DevOps engineer is the clear understanding(Knowledge) of different programming languages. Programming languages are the key to Software Development. Nothing can be initiated without these.

To keep up with the upcoming and fast-paced trends in the IT industry, all roles(professionals) must upgrade their knowledge from time to time, same goes for DevOps Engineers.

Some programming languages form the foundation of development and some are new and add-on and enhance the cycles.

DevOps Engineers are using following programming languages to automate the DevOps process and workflows :-

  1. Python
    Most well-known language for programming and the first one that should be learnt, if someone wishes to become a DevOps professional. It is a great starting point. Python is extensively used for back-end code and scripting
  2. JavaScript
    While Python is more flexible, JavaScript adds significant value to the DevOps Environment. It is used in both client-side code and server-side code and many web-based applications
  3. Ruby
    This language is highly-versatile and great starting point which makes it similar to Python. Mostly used for web development, it is also an important component for infrastructure management
  4. Perl
    Perl has great cross-platform functionality which makes it valuable add-on to DevOps. From low-level tasks to high-level projects Perl is versatile. It is used for large tasks such as GUI development, system administration etc.

Although the programming languages currently used in any DevOps environment are not limited to the above list, as there are different demands for different cycles and organizations using DevOps. This is a good initial reference to get started.

DevOps is becoming more and more popular and learning the right programming languages can boost your career

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