Have you ever thought of an impact to your business because of late deliverables to your customers? Why you as a renowned IT organization even failed to meet your customer’s requirements? Even you are working very hard but many times, failed to keep your customers satisfied. Are there any flaws in IT delivery processes or tools? Are there any opportunities to collaborate more with right people and tools? May be yes, that’s a reason why DevOps is emerging so fast. DevOps is a culture where Development and Operations teams come together and work as a single team by utilizing right tools and people to continuous delivery.

DevOpsUniversity.org is an autonomous organization which promotes DevOps by bringing all communities together to share their knowledge at a single platform. DevOpsUniversity.org provides DevOps Courses through it’s accredited partners and grants valuable DevOps Certifications to IT professionals and prospects, who want to excel or build their career in the emerging world of DevOps. These certifications not only assess your deep knowledge on DevOps but are available with a minimal cost.

Agile methodology makes our life easier to address time to market need. With an advent of DevOps culture, it laid down a rapid IT delivery platform for customers. DevOpsUniversity.org provides DevOps technical training’s through their accredited partners only, who believes in their philosophy. These training’s are concluded with a Certification from DevOpsUniversity.org.

DevOpsUniversity’s portfolio of DevOps Certifications are well structured by keeping the need of an emerging DevOps market and to empower you and your organization to address dynamic need of customers. Certified DevOps Leader for executives and senior leaders, Certified DevOps Engineer for development team and Certified DevOps Architect for DevOps engineers are widely accepted certifications across IT industry.