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Certified DevOps Foundation

5 Weeks12 Modules

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11 tools & curriculum

Hands on Sessions




Certified DevOps Professional

6 Weeks13 Modules

16th Dec - 21st Jan 2024

14 tools & curriculum

Hands on Sessions




Certified Kubernetes Administrator

5 Weeks12 Modules

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18 tools & curriculum

Hands on Sessions




Certified Terraform Associate

3.5 Weeks10 Modules

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11 tools & curriculum

Hands on Sessions




SRE Foundation Training

6 Weeks9 Modules

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14 tools & curriculum

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Certified Linux Training

6 Hours6 Modules

On Demand Sessions

10 tools & curriculum

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Get Certified with DevOps University and Jump-start your career
DevOps Certification Career Growth

The DevOps Certifications we offer, assess your knowledge and expertise on various DevOps aspects and are extremely beneficial for IT professionals and prospects, who want to excel or build their career in the emerging world of DevOps.

DevOps University

DevOps is a huge cultural shift in the IT industry and adopting Devops can sound overwhelming and complicated initially, for any organization/project. It is a sea of so many new tools and technologies that some often feel lost. We at DevOps University, are here to guide you on this transformational journey.

DevOpsUniversity.org provides an end-to-end learning solution through their comprehensive range of courses and certifications. It is an autonomous organization that brings all communities together to share their knowledge on DevOps, at a single platform.

DevOpsUniversity.org with its allied training partners provides in depth classroom, virtual classroom training and DevOps boot camps. With a pool of expert trainers and a simplified course structure that is entirely directed towards unleashing the potential of students interactively, a good return on investment of your time and money, is guaranteed.


4 Easy Steps for

DevOps Certification

Steps for DevOps Certification

DevOps Certifications

Did you know more than 80% of Global Fortune organizations have adopted DevOps? and people with DevOps expertise are being offered very high pay scales!

DevOps is the revolutionary wave of present and future!

  • DevOps is changing the intricate operations of all industries by saving time, reducing operation costs and instantly solving problems.
  • With DevOps University’s Certifications readily step into the emerging DevOps Market Worth $12.85 Billion !
  • Explore the heights of your career with our DevOps Certifications.
Certified DevOps Executive

DevOps is a progressive transformational journey towards Agility. This certification course enables you to understand...

Certified Devops Engineer Foundation

DevOps Foundation certification is designed for those professionals who are working in development, quality and...

Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

This certification enables you to understand the concepts and implementation of DevOps tools stack and you will be...

DevOps is a progressive transformational journey towards Agility. This certification course enables you to understand...

This certification enables you to build an understanding around the DevOps landscape and lead the organization...

Certified DevOps Quality Engineer

This course enables you to understand DevOps principles, culture, various tools stack needed for Continuous testing...

After this course you will be to aligned with the adoption of deployment in DevOps with various tools and...

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Why Devops University?
  • Practical-oriented courses cum workshops
  • Mock tests for practice
  • Certification exams to certify skills
  • Industry-specific case studies
  • Doubt clearing sessions and technical support
  • Lifetime access to the online knowledge repository
  • Interactive Blended Learning Model
  • Designed by experts to prepare the next generation experts
  • Practical, theoretical, experiential basis of learning
  • Thorough and regularly updated knowledge of DevOps


Focused – Hands-on – Effective
Innumerable IT professionals have become DevOps-efficient through certifications by DevOps University. All leading Organizations trust us to certify their employees and consider the certifications and courses credible because of the thorough research, structured approach and practical outlook behind their design and implementation.


The ultimate destination for DevOps aspirants
We all are DevOps enthusiasts. We love to explore DevOps and the exciting opportunities it brings along. We, at DevOps University innovate and improve each day to help you achieve your learning goals.



We don’t compromise on quality
Our Certification Programs have been curated by a group of specialists, DevOps Practitioners and Experts, to ensure the best for you. The certifications by DevOps University meet industry benchmarks and are relevant to the current trends in software.


Let’s demystify “DevOps” together
DevOps is quite a buzzword these days and everyone wants to decode and understand what’s the big deal about it. What could be better than being a part of the rapidly growing DevOps community where you can share your ideas, get answers to your queries, discuss the numerous possibilities and gain knowledge along the way! To support you and your DevOps community, we are devoted to share unique content, give expert advice and offer real life counselling as and when required.


Once certified, always acknowledged
DevOps Certifications by DevOpsUniversity have a lifetime validity. The core DevOps principles are least likely to change, going forward and hence, your proficiency in DevOps, once achieved will always be relevant and beneficial. Once certified, you will always be a valued member of our DevOps community and will have access to the learning resources on the site.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere
No need to wait anymore to embark on your DevOps journey. We are right here for you to clarify all your doubts regarding DevOps and the current IT trends. You can take the DevOps Certification Exams online from your PC at the convenience of your time and place.
Straightforward and instantaneous!!

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