Welcome to DevOps University! A dedicated learning space for enhancing your DevOps knowledge and skills.

In today’s rapidly transforming world we must keep up with the constant upgrade of new skills and trends and flow according to the need of the market. Your dedication to build your skills is instantly admired by your team, potential employers and various organization when you a have a valid and trusted source to back it up. We have got your back! DevOpsUniversity.org is World’s most trusted DevOps Certification providers

So when you enroll for a course here, you gain bona fide DevOps knowledge from world-class experts assured that your credentials are back up by accredited, globally recognized sources.

Over the years, we have worked to build our network to connect the best under a single platform to provide the best for our students. DevOpsUniversity.org has Worldwide network of DevOps Practitioners in different technical and function domains.

We strongly believe that “Half-knowledge is dangerous” Hence we have aimed to intricately built the knowledge domain of each course to provide the best in-depth knowledge and information along with practical, technical and real-life market-based case studies.

We define and share the best practices to implement DevOps in different technical domains like Java,Microsoft Technologies, Salesforce, Mainframe and much more.

Our Work

Certifications are a necessary proof of your knowledge and self-improvement work. After completing each Certification course from DevOpsUniversity.org you are awarded accredited certificate to upskill your resume.

We are experts in providing experiential learning for IT engineers and all IT professionals. So, when you step out into the field you will be sure-footed and confident in your next move, working with efficiency and poise within your team and organization

Along with students and professionals, we are devoted towards enterprises of all levels and sizes. Our work includes helping large and small enterprises in implementing DevOps solutions.

We provide thorough Career counseling, mentoring and Trainings to fresh graduates/post graduates from various universities across globe.

As more and more schools and colleges are incorporating crucial technical bits into their curriculum, with our expertise and attention to details we are a part of various schools’ forums helping them to design their Technical curriculum.

To give you a gist
  • We design DevOps Certification Program and award accredited certificates
  • Provide experiential DevOps learning for IT engineers and other IT Professionals
  • Help large and small enterprises in implementing DevOps solutions
  • Provide Career counseling, mentoring and Trainings to fresh graduates/post graduates from various universities across globe
  • Part of various schools’ forums to help them design their Technical curriculum