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DevOps Certification and Training Courses

DevOps is the talk of the town and is an extremely lucrative career option for professionals looking to achieve a stable and high potential career in the IT world. With rising demands for faster developmental strategies and continuous application deployments the need for skilled DevOps professionals in the current IT marketplace has increased rapidly in recent years.

Though there is groundbreaking progress in the field, it is not always easy and simple for a DevOps professionals to prove his prowess. Employees and job aspirants are able to validate and exhibit their skills by attaining DevOps certifications. The certifications help them gain a competitive edge over others in the market.

We, at DevOps University, try hard to ensure that the certifications we offer, remain pertinent and beneficial to the purpose, through frequent scrutiny and modification of content.

Certifications validate Proficiency and Skillset
What is a
DevOps certification?

A DevOps certification is an accreditation that manifests expertise and strong knowledge to be a successful DevOps professional.
The rigorous efforts put by an individual in the process to get certified, is recognized and is taken as a standard to evaluate his worth, in the market.

Why should I plan for a DevOps certification?

In today’s competitive scenario, it’s critical to have solid evidence of your DevOps expertise. The rigorous efforts an individual puts to get certified, are paid off when DevOps Certification reflects on his resume.

DevOps certifications help companies in acquiring the right candidate for a particular role. Research indicates that in nearly 97% cases, certifications become the differentiating factor between equally talented candidates.

You learn to adapt yourself in a cross-functional team, by implementing DevOps methodologies. In a DevOps-enabled team, productivity is higher and workflow is more managed between stakeholders, hence organizations are actively seeking individuals with DevOps expertise and knowledge.

DevOps is so vast and deep that no one certification can cover all the tools and technologies involved in its implementation. Hence, we offer a variety of certifications, addressing different career aspirations.

Certified DevOps Engineer - Foundation

Certified Devops Engineer Foundation

DevOps Foundation certification is designed for those professionals who are working in development, quality and… 

Certified DevOps Developer

Certified DevOps Developer

DevOps is a progressive transformational journey towards Agility. This certification course enables you to understand… 

Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

This certification enables you to understand the concepts and implementation of DevOps tools stack and you will be… 

Certified DevOps Executive Certification

Certified DevOps Executive

DevOps is a progressive transformational journey towards Agility. This certification course enables you to understand… 

Certified DevOps Architect Certification

Certified DevOps Architect

This certification enables you to build an understanding around the DevOps landscape and lead the organization… 

Certified DevOps Quality Engineer Certification

Certified DevOps Quality Engineer

This course enables you to understand DevOps principles, culture, various tools stack needed for Continuous testing… 

Certified DevOps Operation Engineer Certification

Certified DevOps Operation Engineer

After this course you will be to aligned with the adoption of deployment in DevOps with various tools and…