Certified DevOps Engineer – Foundation

Certified DevOps Engineer – Foundation

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Whether you are about to venture into DevOps or are already working as a part of DevOps team, it is extremely important for an IT professional to have knowledge of the revolutionary transformation DevOps brings to organizational success and why it is such a buzzword in the industry.

Regardless of the present role in the company, every individual in this digitalization age must consider doing Certified DevOps Foundation certification to give the right direction to their DevOps venture.

Certification Cost : $95

The Certified DevOps Foundation Certification gives a basic level of understanding of DevOps philosophy. It familiarizes you with the main terms and concepts, and ensures you become well-versed with the language DevOps-enabled teams typically speak. The certification also highlights the benefits of DevOps and how it affects an organization’s success.

Novices will become aware of DevOps and the cultural shift that it demands. Learners will understand that communication, collaboration, integration, and automation are critical factors for DevOps victory.

The certification also covers how DevOps can help organizations in cost reduction and still be able to increase agility, adopt lean processes, maintain superior quality and high customer satisfaction.

Organizations need DevOps-enabled candidates to compete in this expeditious digital world and release new and updated products frequently and efficiently. Hence, this certification is of great demand in the market.

We, at DevOps university, try hard to ensure that the certifications we offer remain pertinent and beneficial to the purpose, through frequent scrutiny and modification of content.

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Benefits for Employees, IT professionals

  • It is an official evidence of your knowledge about basic principles of DevOps.
  • It gives you an edge over others and helps you get better career opportunities compared to others at the same level.
  • 35%+ salary hikes for DevOps engineers (CTC – Online Survey)

Benefits for Employers/Organizations

  • Cost reduction due to efficient processes and streamlined workflow.
  • With qualified DevOps professionals in the team, productivity is higher.
  • Better quality deliverables and higher customer satisfaction.

Targeted Audience

The target audience for the DevOps Foundation certification includes :

  • IT professionals seeking an understanding   of DevOps philosophy
  • People involved in IT development, operations or service management
  • Individuals working in an Agile Service Design Environment

Some of the IT roles that can be benefited are:

  • Software Developers
  • Business Analysts and Consultants
  • Managers, Leaders, Directors
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Automation Architects
  • IT Operations
  • Release Engineers
  • Software Testers/QA
  • System Administrators
  • Tool Providers

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    Topics Covered

    You must have the knowledge and understanding of these topics, to pass the foundation certification exam

    • DevOps terminologies
    • DevOps principles and practices including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security and the Three Ways
    • DevOps as an extension to Agile
    • Impact of DevOps on IT industry
    • Benefits of adopting DevOps
    • Lean philosophy and IT service management
    • Streamlined workflows, effective communication and feedback loops
    • Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains
    • How to implement DevOps at an organizational level?
    • Integral success elements and KPIs
    • Real-life case studies and results


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    Certified DevOps Engineer Foundation

    Certification Exam

    Your Certified DevOps Foundation Exam is a multiple-choice online test examination in which you can participate from your own PC from anywhere around the world. Your test contains 30 questions and you have 45 minutes in a single session to answer your questions. There are no other hidden costs or fees involved.

    In order to pass your certification examination and obtain your Official Certified DevOps Foundation Certificate, you need to correctly answer at least 70% of your test questions. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps University.

    How to Prepare for the Exam

    The candidates who wish to appear for this certification can find all topics and study material available in the Certified DevOps Foundation Course, offered by DevOps University. The training is exhaustive and rigorous and covers all key topics of certification exam. To test your preperation, you may appear in Mock Exams. Read More

    Exam Details

    • Language                        : English
    • Number of questions   : 30
    • Passing score                 : 70% (21 questions)
    • Duration                         : 45 minutes
    • Format                            : MCQ, True/False
    • Online                             : Yes
    • Maximum Attempts     : 1
    • Certificate validation    : Lifetime
    • Cost                                 :  $95

    Yes, once you buy an exam you will get access to a personalized student dashboard from where you can see your DevOps Certification details. You can also download your earned certification and badge from here.

    An email notification with your exam credentials will be sent on your registered email id and you can take your exam within 60 days.

    DevOps Foundation certification is designed for those professionals who are about to embark on the DevOps journey or have recently begun exploring DevOps. This certification enables you to understand DevOps principles, culture, and tools stack. After this certification, you will be aligned with adoption and transition towards DevOps.

    The DevOps Foundation certification is an introductory certification that determines basic understanding of core DevOps principles and practices, vocabulary and culture. It covers all the theoretical concepts and benefits related to DevOps adoption.

    Yes, you can take your exam online as per your convenience from anywhere.

    Your employer any other organization can validate your DevOps Certifications credentials just by entering your certificate id or your personal credentials.

    No, DevOpsUniversity.org doesn’t only value the training provided by its allied training partners, but we also acknowledge what expertise you have gained through self-study or other resources.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications provided by DevOpsUniversity.org are well recognized across the IT industry. DevOps Certifications assessment criteria is stringent and oriented on practical approach, which makes your DevOps Certification completely unique from our competitors.

    DevOps Certification earned by you from DevOpsUniversity.org will be valid for lifetime.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications issued by DevOpsUniversity.org are accepted worldwide.