Certified Linux Fundamentals Training

Certified Linux Fundamental Training

DevOps University offers learning of Fundamentals of Linux operating system. In this series of Linux sessions, you will learn Linux from scratch.

Linux is a widely used operating system and very efficient as well because it allows user to consume maximum resources of a system. Before leaping into DevOps, it is very important to have some knowledge of Linux operating system as most of the servers and tools are Linux based.

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  • Program Duration:
    6 hours
  • Online Classes
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    “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
    Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote has since been proven by science; educators now call it “experiential learning.”

    Unlock your career growth with DevOps

    Program Overview

    DevOps University is providing this certification to learners to have them a better understanding of Linux operating system with precision. It is important to learn Linux concepts and commands. To begin your DevOps journey, it is important to have knowledge of cloud computing, Linux and open-source DevOps tools without them no DevOps Engineer can survive.

    This certification on Linux will enable you to be an expert in Linux operating systems.

    DevOps University is providing Linux Fundamental Certification with all Hands-On knowledge through our Latest video series at literally a price of ZERO. Enroll now and get your Linux Fundamental Certification from DevOps University to accelerate your career growth.

    In Linux Fundamental Certification you will be trained on various aspects of Linux operating system and its management with all essential commands.

    Knowledge of Linux operating system is very essential for a person working in IT industry as most of the modern tools used today are easily available for Linux.

    Linux Fundamental Certification gives you a vital understanding of Linux concepts and ensure you become good enough to master any Linux system. This certification also highlights that you have sound knowledge of Linux operating systems and you are ready to work along.

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    Linux Fundamental
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      • Introduction to Linux
      • Linux Installation
      • Linux Architecture
      • Linux Commands
      • Linux Packages
      • Linux File System
      • User Management
      • Setting permissions, etc.
      Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

      Begin accelerating your career with DevOps today

      Whether you are about to venture DevOps or are already working as a part of DevOps team, it is extremely important for an IT professional to have knowledge of the revolutionary transformation DevOps can bring to organizational success and why it is such a buzzword in the industry.

      Regardless of the present role in the company, every individual in this digitalization age must consider doing Certified DevOps Professional certification to give the right direction to their DevOps venture.

      Benefits for Employees, IT professionals

      • It is an official evidence of your knowledge about basic principles of DevOps.
      • It gives you an edge over others and helps you get better career opportunities compared to others at the same level.
      • 35%+ salary hikes for DevOps engineers (CTC – Online Survey)

      Benefits for Employers/Organizations

      • Cost reduction due to efficient processes and streamlined workflow.
      • With qualified DevOps professionals in the team, productivity is higher.
      • Better quality deliverables and higher customer satisfaction.
      Course Details

      • Linux Installations
      • Packages
      • Architecture
      • File System
      • User Management
      • Scripting Data

      • Users in Linux
      • User Configuration
      • Group Administration
      • Sudo
      • Default File Permissions
      • Access control Lists (ACLs)
      • Hands on

      • Kernel Configuration
      • Boot Management
      • Grub Bootloader configurations
      • Red Hat Package Manager
      • Libraries

      • Networking
      • OSI Layers
      • Various Protocols of Networking in Linux
      • Linux Firewall

      • Process Management
      • System Calls
      • Bash Operations
      • Expect Script
      • Python Scripting

      • Linux Security Administration
      • Shell Scripting
      • Securing Shell
      • Hands on

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