Certified DevOps Architect

Certified DevOps Architect Certification

Master the art of orchestrating innovative solutions for Continuous Delivery

Do you wish to be a certified DevOps Architect? Are you keen to learn how to deploy effective and efficient automated pipelines to deliver high quality softwares, reduce risk and costs, and enhance business value? Well..

The “DevOps Architect” certification equips IT professionals with a sound understanding of the DevOps landscape and empowers you to lead the transformation of the organization’s architecture from traditional waterfall or agile to DevOps.

Certification Cost: $95 USD

A DevOps Architect owns the product architecture and is in charge of defining loosely coupled services. An architect ensures that updating services or environments has minimal effect on the end-users.

DevOps Architects have an extremely critical role to play in the success of DevOps organizations and teams. It’s their responsibility to provide a highly reliable, automated, hurdle-free environment to facilitate seamless releases.

In the traditional waterfall approach, each team member had to handle tough situations and obstacles related to design and infrastructure, along their path to delivery, but in a collaborative DevOps team, DevOps Architects take ownership to build a “no-barrier” highway to continuous delivery which others can reap benefits of.

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Benefits for Employees, IT professionals

  • Build competence around DevOps and broaden your perspective on delivery management
  • Understanding of various tools and technologies to transform a project into DevOps model
  • Distinguished job opportunity compared to peers
  • End to end understanding of DevOps architecture and its implementation

Benefits for Employers/Organizations

  • Cost reduction due to efficient processes and streamlined workflow.
  • With qualified DevOps professionals in the team, productivity is higher.
  • Better quality deliverables and higher customer satisfaction.
  • It will be your Official Proof of Competence and up-to-date Knowhow in DevOps Architecture.

Targeted Audience

Anyone who is keen in learning about the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, should go for this certification:

  • Build Engineers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Project Managers
  • QA Managers
  • Software Testers
  • Maintenance and Support Staff
  • Operations and Infrastructure Teams
  • Release Managers and Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Security Professionals

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    Topics Covered

    You must have knowledge on the following topics to gain your Certified DevOps Architect certificate:

    • Identifying DevOps goals, history, key terminologies and CICD pipeline
    • The importance, practices, and transformation of a DevOps collaborative culture
    • Why is design integral to Continuous Delivery and what are the design principles?
    • What is the role of an architect in CD design?
    • Best CD Design practices, such as modular design and microservices
    • Understand associations between CD, Waterfall, Agile, ITIL, and DevOps
    • Appreciate key benefits of continuous delivery
    • Define Git Branching And build strategies
    • Impact of DevOps culture and how an architect can foster DevOps culture and practices?
    • Importance of Continuous Integration (Cl)
    • What role an architect plays to orchestrate CI?
    • Tenets and best practices of Continuous Testing (CT)
    • How does an architect handle environmental inconsistencies?
    • What is the difference between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment and what are the benefits of each approach?
    • How can an architect enforce CD best practices?
    • Understanding packaging, containers, and release
    • What is Continuous Monitoring and its importance in DevOps cycle?v
    • How can an architect participate in CM and monitor build progress?
    • How to design an effective Continuous Feedback Loop?
    • How tools to build a DevOps toolchain?
    • What are the commonly used infrastructure frameworks in DevOps?
    • Decipher IaC – infrastructure as code
    • Importance of security in a pipeline
    • Defining application security testing – DevSecOps
    • How can an architect apply security best practices?

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    Certified DevOps Architect Certification

    Certification Exam

    Your Certified DevOps Architect Exam is a multiple-choice online test examination in which you can participate from your own PC from anywhere around the world. Your test contains 40 questions and you have 60 minutes in a single session to answer your questions. There are no other hidden costs or fees involved.

    In order to pass your certification examination and obtain your Official Certified DevOps Architect Certificate, you need to correctly answer at least 70% of your test questions. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps University.

    How to Prepare for the Exam?

    The candidates who wish to appear for this certification can find all topics and study material available in the Certified DevOps Professional courses, offered by DevOps University. The training is exhaustive and rigorous and covers all key topics of certification exam.

    Exam Details

    • Language                        : English
    • Number of questions   : 40
    • Passing score                 : 70% (21 questions)
    • Duration                         : 60 minutes
    • Format                            : MCQ, True/False
    • Online                             : Yes
    • Maximum Attempts     : 1
    • Certificate validation    : Lifetime
    • Cost                                 :  $95

    Yes, once you buy an exam you will get access to a personalized student dashboard from where you can see your DevOps Certification details. You can also download your earned certification and badge from here.

    An email notification with your exam credentials will be sent on your registered email id and you can take your exam within 60 days.

    This certification is suitable for individuals who are involved in the design, implementation, and management of DevOps deployment pipelines and toolchains that promote Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and possibly Continuous Deployment.

    DevOps Architect Certification highlights foundation processes, metrics, APls and cultural decisions associated with Continuous Delivery. It gives you hands-on confidence to implement DevOps architecture and design across all phases of the cycle.

    Yes, you can take your exam online as per your convenience from anywhere.

    Your employer any other organization can validate your DevOps Certifications credentials just by entering your certificate id or your personal credentials.

    No, DevOpsUniversity.org doesn’t only value the training provided by its allied training partners, but we also acknowledge what expertise you have gained through self-study or other resources.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications provided by DevOpsUniversity.org are well recognized across the IT industry. DevOps Certifications assessment criteria is stringent and oriented on practical approach, which makes your DevOps Certification completely unique from our competitors.

    DevOps Certification earned by you from DevOpsUniversity.org will be valid for lifetime.

    Yes, the DevOps Certifications issued by DevOpsUniversity.org are accepted worldwide.