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DevOps is a favourably paid skill, so start a membership and earn certification to become the most demanding IT resource worldwide. DevOps University is an established institute trusted by hundreds of IT people worldwide to learn and improve DevOps abilities.

We provide certification and training programs online in various DevOps courses. The DevOps certification training course aims to prepare students for a successful IT career using the open-source framework DevOps, which bridges the gap between software engineers and operations.

These courses will get your resume shortlisted to make you stand out in the competitive world. Our courses will assist you in acquiring expertise in continuous delivery, agile development, configuration management, automation, fast deployment, team collaboration, etc. In addition, you will also learn to use various DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet, etc.

So if you want to make a profession in DevOps, our Membership will give you access to a new world of learning to level up your game.

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Here, we are constantly improving each student’s learning environment. Therefore, we created this unique membership facility to satisfy the needs of various professional levels.

Joining this membership will open up a whole new world of DevOps learning for you if DevOps is something you’re interested in learning.
To develop your skills, you will have access to hundreds of online courses.

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  • Interchange ideas and enhance your knowledge
    Exchange ideas, share knowledge and advance your career by becoming a member of DevOps University. We aim to empower you to gain the edge you need to increase your DevOps skills, knowledge, ideas and learning. Also, realize more about our professional memberships’ exclusive opportunities, resources, and events.
  • Stay abreast with the latest DevOps practices and skills
    DevOps University membership allows DevOps practitioners to stay current on emerging concepts and trends, access entire content and research, and help steer the industry’s future. Whether you’re just getting into DevOps, peeking for the latest developments in the industry, or pursuing real-world advice and support, our community offers a variety of resources for starting or upskilling your DevOps knowledge.
  • Form associations and be a part of the enthusiastic technologists’ network
    We’ve successfully built a community at DevOps University where practitioners, vendors, consultants, and well-known thought leaders can mingle. And suppose you take a look at our community of international ambassadors. In that case, it is a good combination of all of that, all of those experiences, and all of that real-world experience. A sense of belonging is created by being a part of a secure environment where you may reach out to others in the community and ask questions.
  • Learn and develop through our articles and blogs curated by experts
    Advance and validate your DevOps expertise in different critical areas through our articles and blogs. In addition, our certification program helps you sharpen your skills and technical understanding to take your career to the next level. Depending on your DevOps interests and stances, that might be a good thing. However, it’s overwhelming to parse through all the case studies on adoption, technical recommendations and tutorials, product reviews, trends and the latest news.
  • Write blogs and articles and be an enthusiastic contributor
    Access to a DevOps membership at DevOps University will help you gain more knowledge on becoming a better DevOps Human and possibly a better DevOps leader. In addition, as per your interest area in the DevOps sector, you can write articles and blogs and be an active contributor to DevOps culture.
  • Opportunity to become our Global DevOps Ambassador
    The global professional organization DevOps University, which promotes the human aspects of DevOps, is announcing its global professional membership model. You have a significant opportunity to become a Global DevOps Ambassador.
  • Access to exclusive membership benefits
    Professional Members of the DevOps University have unique access to the best DevOps resources, discounted certification examinations, DevOps capability assessments, premium material, discounted DevOps simulation experiences, members-only networking opportunities, and access to the job centre, and more.

DevOps is not restricted to only DevOps Engineers. It’s for every IT professional

We develop a secure and fascinating environment where members can collaborate, learn new skills, advance their professions, take the lead, and acknowledge their professional achievements.

We inspire thought leadership and knowledge by allowing and connecting the worldwide member community to create human transformation in the digital age.

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