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Are certifications provided by accepted across IT industry?

Yes, the DevOps Certifications provided by are well recognized across IT industry. DevOps Certifications assessment criteria is stringent and oriented on practical approach, which makes your DevOps Certification completely unique from our competitors.

What is the validity of my DevOps Certification?

DevOps Certification earned by you from will be valid for lifetime.

Is my DevOps Certification valid globally?

Yes, the DevOps Certifications issued by are accepted worldwide.

What is the success rate of DevOps Certification exams?

The success rate of DevOps Certification exams lies between 90% – 95%.

Can I download my DevOps Certification and badge from

Yes, once you buy an exam you will get an access to personalized student dashboard from where you can see your DevOps Certification details. You can also download your earned certification and badge from here.

What will happen once I buy an exam?What would be the time period in which I need to take my exam?

An email notification with your exam credentials will be sent on your registered email id and you can take your exam within 90 days.

Will my exam be online?

Yes, you can take your exam online as per your convenience from anywhere.

How can my employer or any organization validate my DevOps Certification credentials?

Your employeror any other organization can validate your DevOps Certifications credentials just by entering your certificate id or your personal credentials.

I have completed my DevOps Course from other institute. Can I take a DevOps Certification exam from DevOpsUniversity?

Yes, you can take a DevOps Certification exam from as it promotes DevOps culture and value your learning on DevOps by any medium.

Is it mandatory to attend DevOpsUniversity training courses to get certified?

No, doesn’t only value the trainings provided by its allied training partners, but we also value the knowledge which you have gained by self-study or learning from any other resource.

How to share Certificate on Social Media e.g. LinkedIn

Achieving a skill-based Certification is one thing but it is also important to have right opportunities to showcase your skills.
Please Refer: Add Certification on LinedIn