How Agile and DevOps are related?

The technological landscape has become so confusingly vogue (to a certain extent) that sometimes; even managers become clueless about the true nature of a system they work on. Take example of DevOps and Agile.
Some think that they are interchangeable, but in reality, thefact is different. Before we learn more about where these two seemingly different things collide and coincide; let us first have a clear idea of what these two mean.

agile and devops

Agile – A brief understanding

A development methodology; it is a time-boxed iterative approach that tries to build software step-by-step; driven by the requirements of the time rather than delivering all at once near the end. It focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, rapid releases.

DevOps – A brief understanding

It brings development and operations together. DevOps seeks to innovate faster with shorter development cycles. This means an application can be brought in the market with significant cost and time saving advantage
Where these two collide or seem to be far standing from each other?

Methodology and deployment

Agile focuses on the concept that after the software is developed and deployed, the team is then engaged in other projects. In DevOps, however, usage of ready-made software is focused; It is not reliable on the software developed using Agile method.

Expert team of representatives with equal skills vs two standalone entities

In Agile method, in order to speed up the result, each team member is fluent with whatever skills is required This speeds up development and enhances the quality of communication in a team. On the contrary, DevOps stresses on the fact that there should be two entities or teams – development and operations. In order to get desired outcomes, they need to communicate effectively

Other than these; planning, documentation and automation are certain areas where the DevOps and Agile methodology collide with their standalone nature. Whereas; DevOps depends on the automation of the deployment; automation dependency is not a necessity and is part of the development process for Agile.


While the two collide, it is wrong to assume they are entirely different. DevOps is used for deployment whereas Agile seeks to simplify the process of development. With DevOps seems to be more widening and in the context of relevancy it is more flexible; can we then conclude that Agile can be made outdated using DevOps? Actually No. Agile has its own set of principles and Agile has its own. They are two different approaches that are not identical; but these two different disciplines can actually work together; having their own set of priorities.

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